All-in-one jumper

Please note: unfortunately we will no longer be accepting fish and chip jumpers as we cannot easily find homes for them. Below, our old fish and chip jumper pattern has been modified to have longer sleeves.

Even in hot countries the nights can be cold. This is a really simple pattern that can be knitted up in a couple of evenings. It’s an old one that we have adjusted so that the sleeves are a bit longer. The older pattern has the sleeves all in rib, so that they are too short, so here they are in Stocking Stitch.

This one was knitted by Marion who is 91 years old and still making a difference. She used two strands of 4 ply yarn to make it, one of which was space-dyed yarn and makes the mottled pattern.

You can download a pdf of the pattern by clicking here: all-in-one jumperphoto

This used to be called the ‘fish and chip’ sweater. The idea was that mothers were so poor the babies would be wrapped in newspaper, like a bag of chips. If you have ever travelled in Africa you’ll know that newsprint isn’t as ubiquitous there as it is in the West. Still, these little jumpers are much appreciated by the projects that we send things out to.fishandchips