Designer donations

KFP Crochet Cowl banner

It’s so lovely when people appreciate the work that we do. Marie Wallin, Head Designer at Rowan, has written about us on her blog and donated a great pattern for our knitters. So if you were getting bored knitting hats, this one’s for you. Also to say that you don’t have to stick to the patterns that we send you, there are many things that you can knit and crochet: how long is a piece of wool?

This is a thank you for all the knitting that you do for other people, you can make one for yourself, and one for us at K4P, then we’ll make sure it goes to a good home.

You can read Marie’s blog by clicking on her logo here:

mariewallin logo

and download the pattern here:       KFP Crochet Cowl pattern