A Festive Raffle

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Treat yourself, or a loved one, to something truly wonderful this Christmas and New Year.

A beautiful shawl, donated to us by one of our very own Knit for Peace knitters, is being raffled at just £3.50 per entry!

This shawl is truly special, and so is your support for Knit for Peace. All money raised will help us to continue sending out knitted donations to those in need.

The winner will be announced in the first week of January, on our website and all social media. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Please note, we reserve the right to withdraw the raffle prize if we do not raise a total of £200 (an amount that this shawl has been valued at) from raffle entries. This is in the hopes to raise as much as possible to fund the sending out of your knitted donations to those in need, so do spread the word and get all your friends to enter!