Good Gifts


The new Good Gifts catalogue is out and there are lots of lovely things to buy for Christmas that will make you feel warm inside. Knit for Peace is just one of the good causes that is supported by generous buyers who regularly do their shopping via this catalogue. I’m always meaning to do all my Xmas shopping in good time and for a good cause, but somehow never seem to get round to it before it is too late. So now is the time to get this on the radar and turn over a new leaf. First off are some Advent Calendars for the kids and some Knit for Peace Christmas cards from Card Aid.

There are gifts large and small. My Mum would love a place on the Knitting Holiday in India as a present, but only if I get to go too. Or how about sponsoring a woman to knit in a refugee camp for £9? There are more knitting related gifts too, like sponsoring a knitting group, so it’s time to go shopping.