Guest Blog: Knit for Peace UCL project leader Alice Evans

A short reflective piece from Alice Evans, project leader at Knit for Peace UCL:

Knit for Peace is an amazing organisation combining creativity with a sense of community and compassion, so I have been proud to help lead the small group of volunteers here at UCL as we have begun to also use our skills and talents to help others. Whilst learning valuable leadership skills – the organisation of materials, room bookings, communications via email and Facebook – I have also met some great people, and also provided an opportunity for other students to give something back to the local community through Knit for Peace’s many projects.

Alice Evans (centre) and members of the UCL Knit for Peace group

One of the best things about the experience has definitely been sharing craft skills with people from all over the UCL campus across all departments as well as from the charity. From beginning as an average knitter, meeting others and learning from them has been great, especially as many of our volunteers are very talented so have a lot to share. Then being able to pass on these skills myself through teaching new members has been a very rewarding experience.

Although our projects, such as the UCL blanket, still have a long way to go, I believe that as we continue next year, our group’s link with Knit for Peace will give us all inspiration and purpose, whilst still providing an opportunity to meet new people and share a hobby we all enjoy. Through volunteering with the Knit for Peace group, you get the unique opportunity to enhance your own skills, whilst also helping others in the wider community, which is why I am so pleased to have been a part of it this year!