Jumpers being delivered to India

DelhideliveryOne of our helpful supporters took a whole load of jumpers to India for us. It is great to have your work distributed by someone trusted because then we can be sure that the precious knits end up in the right hands.
Our friend Neeru sorted the parcel out with her family in Kent before taking it with her to Faridabad, Haryana (that’s somewhere near Delhi to the rest of us).delhi4

You just have to see the conditions that families are living in to understand why they need extra clothing. These kids are more likely to be making things for our high-street stores than shopping in them.

When you see how happy the young people are with these small tokens it makes it all worthwhile.
What we had was a lot of the older ‘fish and chip’ jumpers. If your group are making these can you please add some sleeves? As you can see in this picture this little girl is going to get cold arms. We have rewritten the pattern for this jumper and you can download it here: all-in-one jumpergoogleb20680cf8a7d99c9