June Newsletter 2018

News from Knit for Peace – June 2018

Latest News, Knit in Public Day, Holiday, Raffle & Ideas for Father’s Day

Latest News!

We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the British Knitting & Crochet Awards 2018!

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Knit In Public Day

It is Knit In Public on the 9th of June, take your knitting with you everywhere you go,  knitting in public and share your passion.

Join us in India 16th – 29th October 2018

We are honoured to have Susan Crawford leading our next holiday at the Green Hotel Mysore, India. She prepared a programme that spans all levels of skills from tentative knitters to skilled knitters who like a challenge!
Book now & join us in October for a chance to knit in the sun, eat delicious food, meet new people and witness the magnificent Dasara Festival.

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Sock Wool Raffle

This month we have got a great selection of sock wool, enough says Dame Hilary Blume to make 40 pairs of socks or 60 pairs of ‘Cactus Mittens
Raffle Entry

The Good You Do

We’re very pleased to have been able to send out wool to mental health project in Scotland including blankets for their beds + baby clothes and toys to women refuge in the UK. Here is a lovely message:

“Thank you for your kind donation of knitted clothing and items. The items you have donated will be of immense benefit to our families fleeing from domestic violence. Your donation is received with the upmost gratitude and heart felt appreciation. We will ensure every item is given to those who need it most.”
And lots went aboard, for Syrian and Iraqi refugees and projects in Africa. Here is a picture of a tribal baby in India clothed from top to toe by Knit for Peace.

How To Help Us Further

Help us meet the cost by sponsoring a sack. Dedicate a sack in the name of a friend, or a relative or in remembrance

We Always Love Reading Your Messages

“Many thanks for your letter letting me know that the blanket I knitted ‘Sport Around The World’ was the Knit of The Day, that meant so much to me. Last August I hurt my back very badly and it’s only now that I am fully recovered. What do you do when you can’t do much, well you knit, so that’s what I did and that blanket was very special to me as it marked 65 years of my involvement in charity work.”

Lots Of Ideas For Father’s Day

Our sister charity Good Gifts has a great selection of gifts for Father’s Day.
Here are some examples:

Give sheep to a poor Indian villager who, working hard, will ensure that they’ll flourish on common land, eventually building into a flock that will support and lift the extended family out of poverty.
A virile ram is needed to keep flock expanding £40; Ewe £30 and Lamb £25.

Equip a Builder

Zambia, Ghana and Malawi need more small businesses to reinforce the backbone of their economies. Unwanted tools are collected in the UK, reconditioned and given a new lease of life in Africa. Choose your trade.
Equip a builder for £65.

Specs for Fathers

Giving a father in India or Africa the opportunity for eye tests and spectacles is the quickest way to bring happiness and improve lives. £15

A Bag of Footballs

In Lesotho, Southern Africa, destitute orphans, living rough on the streets, can be reintegrated into mainstream life through the lure of football. Encouraged to join in a game, trust is built up and they can be clothed, taught to read and given vocational training. £25

Other Gift Ideas