Knit for Peace appoints project manager

The Charities Advisory Trust is pleased to announce the appointment of a Project Manager for its innovative Knit for Peace Project.

Knit for Peace was established in 2008 with the aim of bringing divided communities together through the shared activities of knitting and crochet. So far, groups have been set up in India, Pakistan, Rwanda and Nepal where women (and some men) can come together and bond over a shared activity with the added benefit of providing an income for women living in extreme poverty. Materials and payment are provided by the project for the women who knit warm clothing for distribution to those who need it. The Indian and Pakistani groups, as a gesture of friendship between their divided communities have knitted sweaters for those who need them in each other’s countries. In Rwanda, Hutu and Tutsi widows knit together.

With the support of the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation we have appointed Jane Lithgow as Project Manager to develop the full potential of this project, setting up groups in the United Kingdom and through fundraising and trading activities supporting the project’s ability to support overseas projects and achieve financial self sufficiency for the future. We are lucky to have appointed Jane who is an accomplished knitter and knitting teacher and designer and knit blogger as well as an experienced manager in both the public and voluntary sectors.

Jane says ‘This has to be a dream job, giving me the opportunity to share my love of knitting as a community activity with my experience of setting up and managing projects in the health and social care sectors. I believe that Knit for Peace has real potential for bringing people together in a creative, non threatening and supportive way, knitting together lives, one stitch at a time.’


  1. Oh wow, Jane. Well done you.

  2. A dream job indeed, and Jane is the perfect person to do it.Good luck!