Reasons to be knitting No.2


We have been contacted by the Evelina children’s hospital who use these knitted breasts to teach new mothers how to breast-feed. At Evelina London Children’s Hospital they are used by midwives to show mums how to breastfeed after a tongue-tie release procedure. They are also used at ‘milk spots’ in the community where registered breastfeeding trainers can help.

Tongue-tie is a condition often found in new borns that affects their ability to breast-feed. Once the tongue-tie is cut it is important that the baby breast feeds as soon as possible to start the healing. As it is often the case that the mothers of these children have not breast-fed their child before it is important that a midwife is present to show mums breastfeeding techniques, expressing etc.
One of NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) nurses at Evelina says she is in desperate need of these knitted breasts, both for NICU, and for the milk spots in the community. So they would be more than happy to receive donations. Send them to us and we’ll do the rest.
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