Rhapsody in Blue

BluesWe have received some beautiful jumpers for children this week. The generosity of our knitters and the time that they spend on never ceases to amaze us here at K4P HQ.These four jumpers in blue are from Hazel, who also made a lovely jade green bolero for a girl with a rosette decoration.
These stripey numbers are from the Mother Teresa group who always send such lovely things. st st jumpers

We have some patterns on our download page and you can always find lots of free patterns online, on ravelry, Knitty and others. Some people like to always make the same things, while others get bored and need the stimulation and challenge of knitting something new. I always like to have a simple and a complicated project on the go at once, one for keeping calm and busy and the other to do without looking while I’m watching something captivating on TV. Blankets are good for this as you can just go back and forth and use up all your odds and ends in the stripes. We have added some simple and some more exciting patterns to the site, so that you can take your pick.

We have asked designers to send us some more patterns, so keep coming back and there will be more to do!