We’re back and busier than ever

More BoxesHolidays are never long enough, but now we are back at work. It seems nobody stopped knitting while we were away! We came back to a bumper delivery of boxes and parcels large and small. We do try to acknowledge every donation but we are a small team, so bear with us.

Over the holiday period parcels have been taken to Delhi through the generosity of the ex-pat network. We have also sent over 200 baby hats to Kofia (Knitting for our friends in Africa) who are supporting Berega hospital in Tanzania.

There is a room for premature babies in Berega Hospital. It is simply just that – a room which is kept slightly warmer, where Mums stay constantly with their babies; she must pay for the health care she receives. Her food, whilst she is there, is cooked by a relative in the outdoor cooking area, and brought in to her.

4 million newborn babies die each year worldwide. 99% of those babies are in low and middle income countries. Most of those babies die in the first week, 25- 45% of them in the first 24 hours. Prevention and treatment of hypothermia can help reduce mortality and morbidity by 18-42% – (Unicef).
Randomised control studies have shown that a hat is just as effective as a heat lamp at preventing hypothermia in healthy babies (that’s all they have, one light bulb). Although hot during the day there can be a severe temperature drop during the night. That’s where the danger is for a newborn and that’s where we can help.