Whoops, we made an error

One of our eagle-eyed knitters has spotted a mistake in our all-in-one jumper pattern. You may remember that we uploaded a new pattern a while ago on this blog. Jamie
We changed the old ‘fish ‘n chip’ jumper so that it has sleeves. Instead of having an all-ribbed bodice, the sleeves are now in stocking stitch as this doesn’t bunch up so much on little arms. That’s where the mistake was, so here it is corrected.

all-in-one jumper lo-res

fleece linedMeanwhile we have had a HUGE delivery from the Mother Teresa group in Luton.┬áHere is Jamie sheltering from the rain with all the lovely knitting: two piles of blankets and loads of children’s jumpers too. This group are very thoughtful and have lined their blankets with fleece. What a great idea. You can see a close-up of the way they have done it here on the wrong side. This will make the blankets so much warmer.