(Because you know it’s good for them!)

Girls being taught how to knit

Provide start-up funds for women in refugee camps and in developing countries so they can set up knitting businesses selling their output to others.

We have Knit for Peace groups in Rwanda, South Africa, India and in refugee camps for Syrian and Iraqi refugees enabling them to knit for themselves and others. This generates much needed income and helps overcome trauma and feelings of helplessness.

Send a donation via Paypal or to our mailing address to support this work, or buy a Good Gift that ensures your money goes directly to what you purchase. Some examples of knitterly Good Gifts:

Send a week or a month’s supply of yarn and needles to developing countries – from £25 to £75

Help communities form businesses – £100

Sponsor a Knit for Peace group that brings people together – £250

And even more on the Good Gifts website!