The fire at Grenfell Tower has left people with nothing to wear and nowhere to call home. Donated items are pouring in and the community is struggling to organise the vast quantity. We have sent two bags of toys and blankets, but do not want to overwhelm them.

As the weather gets cooler victims of the fire will still be relying on donations and will need warm clothes. We want to continue helping those affected and will send more knitted donations in September. Here’s what you can knit!


-Dressing gowns

-Baby layettes

-Children & toddlers hats, scarves and ponchos.

-Adult clothing

Send it to the usual address: Radius Works, Back Lane, London, NW3 1HL, with a knitted good recording sheet.

If you would like to offer more immediate help visit our parent charity, Good Gifts, where you can purchase a gift that offers practical assistance. Phones, underwear, new oyster cards will help right now. When those affected are placed in new accomodation, your purchase of a kitchen kit and bedroom kit will set help them up.

Thank you!