In time for Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day competition: Design a square (that can be made into a blanket or dressing gown) with a Valentine’s day theme. You can provide a pattern for one square, or be more ambitious and design several that fit together.

Please work on a 6 inch (15cm) module. Remember to specify yarn, needle/crochet size. Please send all entries to us at Radius Works and make sure to specify that it is for our competition.

Prize: £100 worth of yarn

Twiddlemuffs for Japan

Here’s something out of the ordinary!

Two years ago we had a visit from two gentlemen from a Social Welfare organisation in Japan. They had heard of Knit for Peace and were interested to learn more about it. We are proud of Knit for Peace and happy to share our experience. They were interested in the concept, and particularly intrigued by twiddlemuffs, and the comfort they bring to elderly patients with dementia.

Having returned to Japan and spoken about their visit they have found there is a great interest in making and distributing twiddlemuffs. They have asked if we can supply samples, which they will arrange to have delivered to Japan!

Of course we want to help, but we don’t have many in stock, because we have sent all of them to the London Ambulance service who have just re-started giving them to confused passengers. Perhaps, more to the point, our knitters have knitted them for people in the UK.

A picture of two twiddlemuffs taken on a white background.

So we are asking if you would knit or crochet some twiddlemuffs that we could send to Japan, and we will ask them to reciprocate, and send some Japanese made twiddlemuffs for us. As ever, please make sure everything is properly fixed, hard to pull off and swallow, and avoid sharp edges.

We have a pattern for making twiddlemuffs on our website.

Abused Women Campaign

We are pleased to report that we have reached our fundraising goal of £25,000 for our abused women campaign! We would like to thank every single person who has donated directly to the campaign or bought one of our yarn packs over the last two years.

This money will continue to be used for providing women who have experienced abuse or trafficking with knitting supplies, to aid their recovery.

Request for knitting in Cornwall

We have been contacted by St Austell Revival Together (START) Clothing Bank in Cornwall who are in need of hats, scarves and baby blankets. If you are in the area and can help them out, see their website for info about donating or contact them on

Knitting needed:

We are continuing to accept knitting at our premises in Radius Works (as well as encouraging delivering locally where possible). Currently we are in need of: blankets (in larger sizes, for single or double beds) and jumpers, scarves, gloves and socks for both children and adults.

If you need patterns for making blankets, you can find a few free patterns on our website here. We also have a KnitPro e-book containing 12 designer square patterns, available in exchange for a £6 donation here.

Knitting kits for Afghan refugees

We are continuing to send knitting kits to Afghan refugees who have recently arrived in the UK. They have been very warmly received.

A bundle of yarn, needles and haberdashery items for refugees

You can help us cover the cost of supplies and sending the kits by sponsoring a kit through our sister charity Good Gifts.

Knitting kits for Afghan refugees – £25


Here are some of the messages of thanks we have received recently:

“We were amazed at the amount of beautiful knitting which arrived in record time. We gave out 1000 parcels to people seeking sanctuary in Derbyshire and those who were lucky enough to receive handmade items were particularly appreciative of the thought and care that went into the making of them.”

Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity

“My late mother in law was admitted to hospital in October and sadly passed away. When I visited her, I walked in to see her sleeping with the most beautiful blanket on her bed [donated to her through Knit for Peace]. She was an avid and skilled knitter and I just know she would have been thrilled with it. Would it be possible for you to tell whoever knitted it how much it meant to us that it was given to her and what a difference knowing that people really care made at that awful time for us?”

Message sent to us by a relative of a recipient in hospital

“We want to say a massive thank you for the knitted items including blankets, just in time to support the crisis caused by Storm Arwen – there are communities in East Durham STILL without power. This kindness has kept them warm.”

A community outreach project in the North East

“To every person that knits an item in support of this amazing project, thank you. They really are the most lovely of things…and are items that those coming to us really do cherish almost above anything else!”

A donation hub supporting people in need in London

Knit of the Day

Just a handful of the amazing knitted/crocheted items we have received over the last few months!