Join us at Mysore, India 2024 and 2025 holiday!

Mysore 2024
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Announcing 2 exciting Knit for Peace holidays at the Green Hotel, Mysore India.

5th - 19th October.

10th January - 24th January

The Knit for Peace holiday to Mysore is the perfect way to discover India in comfortable surroundings and friendly company. Esteemed crochet and knitwear designer Carol Meldrum will lead daily crochet and knitting workshops and all levels of knitters are welcome. Guests will knit and crochet under a shaded pergola in the prize-winning

Knit for Peace holidays are known for their friendly atmosphere

5th - 19th October

The Dasara Holiday

This is an opportunity to join in the festivities of Dasara.

Learn about Dasara

Enjoy the music, colours and lights while watching the processions.

We can arrange VIP tickets for you.

How to get to Mysore:

There are no direct flights from the UK to Mysore.

The nearest International Airport is Bangalore which is served by British Airways.

From there one can hire a taxi from the airport to the Green Hotel in Mysore.

10th January - 24th January

Information on both holidays:

Knitting and Crochet:

We structure the holiday such that in the mornings from 10 - 1 we knit for which Mysore provides enormous inspiration and for Dasara in particular there will be visits to the famous Mysore Haberdashers.


The weather is unpredictable these days but generally speaking the Jan holidays will be warm and sunny like an English summer and the Dusshera holiday is like a hot summer day in the UK.

We knit under shady pergolas.

All the bed rooms have fans and we’ve found the climate suits most people buoyed up with watermelon juice and lime sodas.

We’ll be providing needles and a variety of yarns and participants will leave with yarn packs.

A visit to the famous Mysore Haberdasheries will certainly inspire.


The Green Hotel, Mysore, India


The Food is delicious.

Special diets and allergies can be catered for. (please notify us)

Indian vegetarian options available.

All meals included, buffet style.

The Hotel has a bakery, which trains women to be bakers, and  a café with tempting cakes and bread.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included, buffet style.

There’s an opportunity to have cookery lessons.

The Hotel has a drinks license and has home brewed beers.

You can even sample Indian wines.

Here are some activities our visitors like to do:

Walk around the University lake and nature reserve

In the afternoon some people like to go sight seeing and some go shopping.

Some just like to sit and read the papers, over a leisurely breakfast.

(home made breads, toast or Indian specialities, fruits, coffee, tea, etc.)

Here’s a surprise!

The University has an Olympic size swimming pool.

There’s an only ladies session in the afternoons and mixed sessions as well.

You can even ask for a lesson!

Please wear proper swimsuits not bikinis.

The Green Hotel was set up to provide training and employment as an example of eco tourism.

You are welcome to bring partners.

Visitors get a chance to visit projects that the hotel has funded including supplementary schools, providing livestock such as cows, chickens and goats.

We pride ourselves on the friendly atmosphere of our holidays.

As one of our visitors said “I came by myself but I went home with friends”

The profits from the green hotel are distributed to charities in India.

Please note the cost of the Knit for Peace holiday includes a £1000 a person used to support Knit for Peace’s work.

If you are a UK tax payer please add to this donation by signing a Gift aid declaration which enables us to increase your donation by 25% with no extra cost to yourself.

Remember at each Knit for Peace holiday you can receive a £100 voucher for your next trip with us.


There are no direct flights from the UK to Mysore. The nearest International Airport to Mysore is Bangalore which is served by British Airways. Many of our guests prefer to find cheaper flights for e.g. Qatar Airways or Emirates. Some people choose to break their journey and stay a night at the Taj hotel at the Bangalore Airport.

Transfer from airport to the Green Hotel can be arranged.


The prices vary from £3150 per person in a shared travellers room to the Maharaja suite in the palace which is £4350 per person

Contact us for more information


A £250 non-refundable deposit will secure your place. To book, fill out the booking form and return it to or send to 'Knit for Peace, Radius Works, 14 Back Lane, London, NW3 1HL'.