‘Cheer Up the Children’ Donate for a group kit x5


The Pandemic has left a legacy of depression and nervousness. Put bluntly, our children are more anxious and less resilient – or should we say their resilience has all been used up! Things are so bad that nearly 25% of school children have become school refusers.

The consequences are terrible for the children, their families, their future employment, and compounding feelings of failure. Let’s do something about it.

Cheer Up the Children is our new campaign, set up to help our children overcome anxiety and loneliness. Our plan is to encourage youngsters to learn to knit or crochet. We know from our seminal report ‘The Health Benefits of Knitting’ that knitting counters depression, especially when incorporated into a social activity, such as meeting with friends, family and neighbours for weekly sessions in the local library, at school or college, or even just a local café.

We know that knitting really works. We have seen hugely positive results working with young girls with eating disorders, prisoners, and refugees, who have all benefitted from the calming effects of knitting. It won’t work for everyone, but it will work for many!

To start to knit you need more than enthusiasm – you need yarn and needles. Knit for Peace is making up starter kits, kindly donated by yarn companies and individuals, to send to young people and get them knitting

But we need your help. The Cheer Up the Children starter kit costs only £30, or £120 for 5 kits for a group, and could make a huge difference.