Knit for Peace Raffle

October 2019 Raffle - A Cascade of Colours Pt. 2

October is another colourful month in our raffle. If you missed out on the wonderful Cascade Yarns last month, fear not! We have another beautiful array from the fabulous donation we received.

This month we have two varieties of Cascade Yarns, with one hank of each colour. Both are soft and squishy to the touch and the range of colours is gorgeous. There’s enough to make scarves, jumpers and any number of stripey, intarsia or chunky fairisle garments. Go wild with the colours!

28 x 100g Cascade 220 It’s 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, with recommended needle size of 4.5-5mm.

5 x 100g Venezia Worsted which is 70% merino and 30% silk and recommended needle size 4-4.5mm

October 2019 Raffle - Crea Raffle

We also have a second raffle offering a wonderful selection of 56 balls of Crea 100% acrylic. Perfect for knitters with wool allergy!

7x 25g Crea Affinity Heather 100% Acrylic L34488/261018
7x 25g Crea Affinity Macaroon 100% Acrylic L34483/261018
7x 25g Crea Affinity Eucalyptus 100% Acrylic L34485/261018
7x 25g Crea Affinity Cornflower 100% Acrylic L34487/261018
7x 25g Crea Affinity Lagoon 100% Acrylic L34481/261018
7x 25g Crea Affinity Sepia 100% Acrylic L34484/261018
7x 25g Crea Affinity Jasmine 100% Acrylic L34489/261018
7x 25g Crea Affinity Sand 100% Acrylic L34486/261018

To add more than one ticket, please add the ticket to your cart, then you can increase the quantity on the checkout page. Make sure to update your cart after changing the ticket amount!

We aim to announce the winners via our social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram - at the end of October. Be sure to give us a follow to keep up to date with everything Knit for Peace. Good luck!