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Knit what you like!

Although we give suggestions as to what things are being particularly asked for, we find a home for everything.

We know some of our older arthritic knitters like to knit smaller lighter items, like baby hats or matinee jackets, that is fine, knit what you enjoy knitting!

Volunteering for Knit for PeaceDSC01904

I learned about Knit for Peace early in January 2014, when visiting my son at the Green Hotel, Mysore. I looked up the charity and discovered that their first knitting holiday was to be held later that month. I didn’t really hesitate before signing up for the holiday and booking my flights, so I was back in Mysore less than two weeks after my first visit! I had a splendid time and was also encouraged to volunteer for Knit for Peace in London. I had been looking for something worthwhile to do since I stopped working, and volunteering for the charity fits the bill very well. Basically I do whatever is needed. This can include unpacking donations of knitting, filling sacks with items to be sent out and sometimes writing simple knitting patterns as well as sorting wool and knitting needles. We receive all sorts of parcels from all sorts of people, each one a generous donor who restores my faith in humanity each time I unpack a donation. Working at Knit for Peace gives me focus, helps me feel useful and offers me new friendships with employees and other volunteers as well as renewing an old friendship with Dame Hilary Blume. We were at university together quite a long time ago. Volunteering for Knit for Peace is a win win situation. Why not come and join me? Marilyn Metz

Knit for Peace InIMG_2185 dia Holiday

Only four more places left on our wonderful knitting holiday in India. Don’t miss out. In the gloom of the UK in January and February you’ll surely wish yourself in the sunshine of Mysore.

Dates: 21st January to 2nd February led by Sarah Hazell

Full details here or call 020 7794 9835

Fabulous Fundraising

Knitting with my Bus Pass!gill hope

Gill Hope has been travelling around England using her bus pass and knitting as she goes. She has been knitting hats (which she plans to donate to Knit for Peace) and asking people to sponsor them to raise funds for us as well. She’ll arrive in London for the Bank Holiday weekend and then back home to Kent.

You can still give via her JustGiving page here

Knit for Peace Workshops

Knitwear designer, Jane Crowfoot, kicked off our Knit for Peace Workshops with great enthusiasm and joy. We received some wonderful feedback:

“After years of lumpy sewing up and bad finishing I think I might have cracked it thanks to a brilliant teacher, Jane, at what was a very happy day’s workshop at the amazing offices of Knit for Peace. Thanks so much” (Wendy B.).


Each workshop costs £60 for the day, with the total price going to support Knit for Peace as all tutors are giving their time for free. More workshops:

Designing Knits for Children

Tutor: Debbie Bliss

Date: Wednesday 28th September

Knitted Festive Gifts

Tutor: Sarah Hazell

Date: Saturday 22nd October

Full details of each workshop can be found here

The following workshops are full, but you can call and add your name to the waiting list.

Frida’s Flowers Crochet Motif

Tutor: Jane Crowfoot

Date: Saturday 15th October

Namaqualand Flowers Crochet Motif

Tutor: Dedri Uys

Date: Wednesday 16th November