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Knit for Peace Christmas Cards
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New – Knit for Peace Holiday Vouchers
Make sure you get what you wanted. Drop hints or treat yourself. Like the ad says “you deserve it”!
Buy a voucher towards a Knit for Peace Holiday:
– January 2019 is now sold out but look for January 18th – February 1st, 2020 in India, led by Debbie Bliss and Gillian Ely.
– May Bank Holiday Wool Hunt (4th – 7th May 2019), based at the historic Gladstone’s Library on the Welsh border. More details available soon.
– And for the artistically inclined a Painting holiday at the Green Hotel, August 10th – 24th, 2019.Here are some feedback from our holidays:

“I very much enjoyed the variety of places we went to and everyone was so friendly.”
“Wonderful opportunity to buy unusual yarn and bargain end of ranges”
Wool Hunt 2018
“What can I say -a wonderful 2 weeks, fantastic staff, wonderful food.
India is a fantastic place to visit, another world”
The ideal holiday for a keen kniter, keen to travel but not confident enough to travel alone. The group was very friendly”
“What’s not to like! Good knitting fun!”

India, October 2018

Buy Voucher
Buy a knitterly gift from the Good Gifts Catalogue:
– Send warm clothes to refugee camps £12 
– Distribute warm woollies £25
– Knit for health UK £28
– Train 5 knitting apprentices £45
– Support a Knit for Peace group in a developing country £250
December Raffles
Sensational Sock Wool
Containing 40 balls of wool, some self patterning and some plain coloured
Let’s go chunky
Containing 36 balls of sumptuous chunky knits
Enter Raffles – £5 a time
Good for you, good for others
What about going sugar-free this January?

  • Put the money in a jar every time you don’t buy a cake, biscuit or a sweet treat
  • Ask for matching funds for your money saved!
  • Get people to sponsor you for each sugar-free day
  • Get sponsorship for every-time you don’t eat a sugary treat when offered.

And it only takes a week to get used to not taking sugar in tea or coffee.

Help abused women
Last month we launched a campaign so we can continue to help those in the most wretched circumstances. To donate see here.

Here are some very heart warming thanks:

“Thank you very much indeed for the generous donation of wool, needles, knitting kit bags, blankets and toys we received. The knitting workshop attracted a markedly higher take up.  Experienced knitters and newcomers alike fell on the supplies of beautiful yarns, selected their own needles, and began to help one another decide what to create.  I wish you could have seen the genuine surprise and delight in the faces of the women we work with, some of whom I hadn’t seen smile so readily before. They seemed especially cheered that they could choose from a really wonderful selection of materials.

We were touched by the number of women who said they looked forward to showing us the knitting they were planning to do between weekly sessions with the group. It seems to have struck a chord in particular with women who have little to no English, and it is good to realise that basic knitting can be a non-verbal language!”

–Project for rescued trafficked women

“I really cannot thank you and all the people who knit for you enough.
The bags of clothes were delivered and our residents and their children were over the moon to receive all the lovely items. They said that Christmas had come early.
All the babies and children in the refuge got new clothes and we even have some left to give to new families as they arrive.
–Women’s refuge in London
Please help us raise £25,000 so we can continue to supply yarn, needles, and haberdashery to abused women so they can knit throughout 2019.
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Knitting sent 
Last month we sent knitting to community groups in Hartlepool, Easterhouse and Accrington, homeless projects in Lincoln and London, to various women’s refuges, to those living amongst the rubble in Syria, to Foodbanks and children refugees separated from their families, now in care in the UK.

Thank you knitters, who have sent knitting; wool; sponsored a sack, or sent a donation.

Sponsor a Sack
Knit of the Day
We are not able to receive knitting from 17th December to 10th January
(our annual spring clean!).