There’s been lots going on here at Knit for Peace as we settle back to “It’ll never be the same ” normality.  We’re proud to report we kept going throughout the pandemic – sending out much needed warm clothes and blankets and yarn to keep people knitting. 

Knit for Peace Holiday in India 2023

We are now taking bookings for our popular Knit for Peace holiday at the delightful Green Hotel in Mysore, running from 11 January 2023 for two weeks with workshops led by Jane Crowfoot, surely the most patient teacher in the world!.  Do get in touch if you’d like to come.

Knit for Peace holidays are known for their friendly, relaxed atmosphere

Prima magazine campaign

A cartoon drawing of four balls of yarn, one white, one red, two blue, with a knitting needle sticking out the top and a flag saying Get Britain Knitting
We’re delighted that Prima magazine is supporting the Get Britain Knitting (and crocheting) Campaign.  The health benefits are proven, especially important in reducing anxiety.  The more people knitting the better. 

Spread the word.

Ideas for Father’s Day


Giving a father in India or Africa the opportunity for eye tests and spectacles is the quickest way to bring happiness and improve lives.


Help send vital medicines to Ukraine 

£50  or    £100

Combat global warming, and help make our air fresher. Plant an oak sapling in the UK.


Pledge – a new campaign

The Charities Advisory Trust, our parent charity, is launching a campaign to ask people who don’t need the October £400 (fuel charge rebate per household) to donate it to those who do.  We will be working closely with grass roots charities to get the help directly to those in need. Pledge forms available from 
Thank you Helen at Lovecrafts for being the first person to pledge.

Knit for Peace Gift Packs

Knit for Peace Gift Packs, crammed with a varied selection of usual and unusual yarns, make a perfect gift for a friend or partner, or for yourself.
Buy yours through Good Gifts:
Knit for Peace Gift Pack – £35
(All profits support Knit for Peace’s work to help abused women)

Sponsor a Sack

With transport costs escalating please help us meet distribution costs by sponsoring a sack.  A wonderful way to remember someone.


Knit for Peace works! Feedback!

We have received a lovely thank you from a hospital to which we have sent several batches of blankets.  
‘We are forever grateful for donations we receive from you. I cannot express how fortunate we are to have the blankets and appreciate every one. We take pride in choosing each blanket to suit the person and their family, ensuring that they feel comforted and cared for. Thank you so much for your support, not just for us but for everyone you are able to offer warmth and kindness too.’

Knitting needed

* jumpers and cardigans in adult sizes
* dressing gowns (pattern here)
* scarves, socks and gloves in all sizes
* medium and large blankets

We have an abundance of hats of all sizes so don’t need any more at present.

Knit of the Day

As always, we’ve had some amazing donations this month, see below for a reminder of a few.
Thank you to everyone who has donated knitting