Knit for Peace holidays

Yorkshire Wool Hunt
May 13th-16th 2018 (Booking now)

Mysore, India
October 16th-29th 2018
Led by Susan Crawford (Booking now)

Mysore, India
January 12th-25th 2019 (Booking now)
Led by Renée Callahan

Ways to help Knit for Peace

From getting together and knitting to sponsoring a sack in the name of a loved one, there are so many different ways to get involved with Knit for Peace.
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A new KfP raffle!

For those who missed the opportunity to get Debbie Abrahams’ ‘Mystery Cushion’ kit, here’s your chance! With designs for 18 different squares and instructions, this limited edition kit is a must-knit.Find out more on our website!

Health Benefits of Knitting

Our Report on the Health Benefits of Knitting received widespread coverage on both television and newspapers. There were even reports in Russia, Indonesia, Poland, America, Canada and Spain! Lets get the whole world knitting.

Stimulated by the cold weather, we’ve rushed huge quantities of warm blankets and clothing to help keep people warm in the U.K., refugee camps and Syria. Thank you knitters!