Back from Wonderful Knitting Holiday in India.

Here is what people said:

“A very big thank you for organising such enjoyable holiday, I look forward to returning in the near future”       “Lovely, interesting, rewarding, thought provoking”      “Exceeded expectation”      “An amazing experience!”     “People were very friendly and as a single person I felt very comfortable and welcomed”      

Read the article from the Star of Mysore on our January 2018 visit to Mysore, India! Click HERE to read.

Unusual and Interesting Gifts for Mothers

Last Chance: Edinburgh Country House Party 14th – 17th March, 2018

Lots of fun planned, we’re all practising our Scottish ballads for our Scratch choir to be led by fair isle specialist Juliet Bernard!

More details here

The Great Yorkshire Wool Hunt May 13th – 16th, 2018

Back by popular request!

Trips to haberdashery, fabric and yarn factory shops. Buy designer and everyday yarns at hugely discounted prices. There will be bargains galore, and lots of fun.

A chance to see wool spun from fleece to yarn at Laxton’s Mill, and to visit Saltaire, Salts Mill, Ilkley etc. £385 (including B&B and transport to the shops and mills). For more information and to book CLICK HERE.

The Ultimate Indian Experience October 16th – 29th, 2018

The perfect opportunity to both relax and have a thrilling cultural experience! Whether you want to buy this for your Mum, treat yourself, or go together, join us for our next Knit for Peace Holiday at the Green Hotel, Mysore! See the Dasara festival and improve your knitting in the Green Hotel’s prize-winning garden. We are organising VIP tickets which allow access to all dance performances, exhibitions and most importantly reserved seats for the Dasara procession. The weather should be perfect, blue skies and sunshine. The food’s delicious and, like all Knit for Peace holidays, we guarantee a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. For more information and to book CLICK HERE.

Don’t delay to make sure you get a place! You can also book by contacting us on:


telephone: 020 7794 9835

Mother’s Day Good Gifts

You can find more Mother’s Day gifts and also support Knit for Peace directly through the Good Gifts catalogue, a sister initiative of Knit for Peace. Here are some examples:

Sponsor a Sack

Knit for Peace has grown and grown, we are now sending out £5 Million worth of donated knitting, and have over 22,000 knitters in the UK (and that’s not even counting the French, Spanish, German and even Australian knitters!).

Please help us meet the cost so we can continue to send warm clothes and blankets to those in need (especially as the weather is so cold). Show the world how generous you are -or in the name of a friend, a relative or in remembrance.


Other ways to support Knit for Peace:


Knit of the Day

Here is a selection of some of our beautiful Knits of the Day.

Thank You!

Thank you to all those from Willingdon W.I. and the Knit and Natter group at St Wildreds Hospice who donated their wonderful knitting, and to Jan Cooper who brought it all in!

A big thank you to Andrea Keighley, Rosalind Tapping and Catherine Best & the Sewing Bees for organising square sewing get-togethers, now we can accept squares again! 

Knitting Needed: warm scarves, hats, gloves and ponchos. Children jumpers age 8+

We don’t need toys at the moment.