Wool and the Gang Raffle

This month we’re offering you two chances to win an amazing selection of Wool and the Gang Yarns.

Enter for £15

16 balls of Wool and the Gang yarn, and two pairs of knitting needles photographed from above.

First prize:

  • 16 x 200g Crazy Sexy Wool (100% Peruvian sheep’s wool)
  • 1 x 12mm needles
  • 1 x 15mm needles
6 balls of Wool and the Gang mohair yarn pictured from above

Second prize:

  • 6 x 50g Feeling Good Yarn (70% Alpaca, 7% Merino, 23% Nylon)

Free Patterns

If you’re in need of patterns, Lovecrafts has an amazing selection of knitting and crochet patterns on their website, with a huge number of free ones. You can browse them here.

Knit for Peace Gift Pack

various ball of wool

Knit for Peace Gift Packs, crammed with a varied selection of usual and unusual yarns, make a perfect gift for a good friend or partner, or for yourself.

Buy yours through Good Gifts: Knit for Peace Gift Pack – £35

Knitting supplies for Afghan refugees

Thank you to everyone who has bought a knitting kit for Afghan refugees. We have had very positive feedback from this project.

Here’s some pictures sent by one Afghan group based in London. They are avid crocheters!

group of people sitting at table knitting

Friendship Blankets

We would love to hear how you are getting on with your Friendship Blankets. If you have any questions about this project, look at our FAQs page on our website, here.

If you Google “knitted pictures” there are lots of ideas.

Knitting needed

Currently, the items we are most in need of are:

  • jumpers or cardigans in adult sizes
  • shawls
  • scarves, socks and gloves in all sizes
  • medium or large blankets

Save the NHS, by becoming healthier

This Lent ask friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, long lost friends, to sponsor you, for giving up sugar or alcohol or whatever you think you shouldn’t be eating/drinking to give you a healthier life style, or get sponsored for taking 20 minutes exercise a day.

All funds will provide knitting supplies for refugees.

Register your interest here to get a sponsorship form.

Message about Ukraine

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us to offer to knit for Ukraine. The logistics of delivering to Ukraine make it impractical at this time, so we are concentrating on meeting needs in the UK, including refugees, hospices, care homes, women’s refuges and families in desperate need.

Knit of the Day

Here’s a selection of some of the items we have showcased on our social media this month. We are so grateful to all our knitters for donating such lovingly made creations!