Knit for Peace Newsletter – May 2018

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Shetland Wool Raffle
Enter our raffle for your chance to win some wonderful Shetland wool. Worth at least £100!

The raffle prize contains 21 x Jamiesons & Smith 2 ply ‘Jumper’; 13 x Jamiesons & Smith 2 ply; 2 x Jamiesons ‘Spindrift’; 8 x unidentified mini skeins; 3 x part ball; 1 x Ullcentum

Do spread the word and get all your friends to enter.

As with all Knit for Peace raffles you can enter as many times as you like. £5 an entry. All proceeds go toward supporting Knit for Peace’s distribution of warm knitting worldwide.

Raffle Entry

Back From a Great Wool Hunt
Thank you to everyone who made our Knit for Peace Yorkshire Wool Hunt such fun! New friendships, knitting tips and lots of bargain!
Here is what people said:
“Exceeded my expectations”  “Had a wonderful time”  “Laxtons visit was brilliant”   “Salt Mill and Cliffle Castle Museums were a great deviation from our wool safari”
Join us on our next holiday in Mysore, India
16th – 29th October 2018 Led by Susan Crawford
12th – 25th January 2019 led by Renée Callahan

Read More & Reserve Your Place

Knitting Needed

With summer approaching we are now looking for adult jumpers and cardigans as well as child jumpers (size 8 to 12).

We are now accepting squares again. The most useful size is 15 x 15 cm or 20 x 20 cm but we’ll always be happy to receive squares of any sizes and colours.
Thank you to everyone who has sponsored a sack so far. Thanks to your help we have been able to deliverer sacks to homeless shelter in Dighbeth and London, various hospitals, refugee camps in Syria, women refuge centre and foodbanks.

You can also hep us meet the cost of sending out the knitting by sponsoring a sack for £12.

More Information

Knitting is good for the Knitter and the Recipient
For the knitter:
“Knitting these items gave me a focus while recovering from surgery following a cancer diagnosis. Thank you for helping me through the first few weeks.”
For the recipient:

“We would like to say a big thank you for your kind donation of twiddlemuffs for our Dementia Patients at our hospital. We are totally in love with them. It means a lot to know that we can count on groups like yourselves whose generosity makes it possible to help put a smile on our Dementia patients faces.”

“I would like to thank you all for your parcel of beautiful knitted items which you have sent in to the Neonatal Unit, they are perfect. We really appreciate your support, time and effort you put in to knitting these lovely items for both babies and their parents as this is a stressful time in their lives.”

Ginger genetics at Redhead Day UK 2018

Recently Kate Bull and our fantastic volunteer Rowena sat down and discussed the remarkable complexity of ginger genetics with BBC’s Adam Rutherford for Redhead Day UK. We showed off how Knit For Peace volunteers got together and knitted the genetic code for redheads into a beautiful scarf and raised money for charity through donations for selfies with the scarf!

Knit of the Day

Here is a selection of our recent #knitoftheday. Thank you!

Watch out for details of our 2018 workshops programme curated by Jane Crowfoot