July Newsletter


Knitting Medley

A few days after I started working for Knit for Peace I was invited to attend the Knitting Medley at the University Women’s Club. I have to say I was somewhat nervous at the prospect of double-knitting as the first session of the day – I had only ever been a very basic knitter and […]

March Newsletter


Visit our Etsy Shop

We have some wonderful hand made items for sale in our new Etsy Shop. Including: bags and needle cases, silk saris and knitted accessories. They are available in a range of colours but we have limited numbers so you will have to move quickly! Remember you can still visit our online shop and pay securely via paypal. All proceeds […]

Warm clothes please

As the weather gets colder requests for warm clothes are pouring in. Particularly needed are baby clothes: jackets, sweaters and cardigans. We always get a good amount of hats because they are quick to knit. There are lots of patterns for baby clothes on our newly re-designed patterns page. We have been able to help […]