Knitterly gifts from the Good Gifts Catalogue:

To help others:

Warm clothes and a teddy for children in a UK women’s refuge £10

Pay women in refugee camps to knit warm clothes for the children £10

Make knitting (and crochet) weapons of peace. Bring people together from different communities in the Middle East £38 / £125

Knitting therapy for abused women £38

For yourself or a knitting friend: a voucher for a Knit for Peace Holiday £250

Jumpers for Rwanda

Our very first Knit for Peace group was formed in Rwanda to give war widows, left destitute after the massacres and civil war, a chance to earn an income.The Group is still going, but need more sales. Their best seller, school cardigans, for which they charge £2.17 are much needed. The demand is there, but the money isn’t.Can you afford a jumper to keep a child warm and help women make a living?

Buy a jumper for Rwanda

Knit for Peace Knitting holiday 

Need a shot of sunshine (blue skies and not too warm)? Why not join us on our knitting holiday in Mysore, South India. We had a cancellation due to ill health so one place has become available. Find out more about our holiday here.

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What we need

We need: Large and medium blankets (6×5 or 3×6 ft)

Adult and child size jumpers as well as school cardigans

Adult socks and gloves

We don’t need, at the moment, children hats or baby items.

Thank you!

This week we are sending out 100 sacks to charities and community groups in the UK, to ensure those who are living in poverty can be helped. And we haven’t forgotten about refugees, huge amounts went out last week for Syria.

A few weeks ago we were able to send knitted toys for each pupil of North Denes School. A big thank you to all our knitters, we couldn’t do it without your help and support!

Poncho Knitting Pattern

Some knitters have asked for a knitting pattern for a poncho, so inspired by this poncho sent in by one of our knitters, our Director Dame Hilary Blume has worked out a simple pattern. It is very easy knitting and good for using up oddments if you make it striped.

Download pattern

Knit of the Day

Here is a selection of some of our Knit of the Day we share everyday on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Thank you!