Winter Warmth

Proud to supply warm clothes and blankets for community groups and schools so everyone can beat the cold. Care homes much appreciate the cheerful blankets, twiddlemuffs and bed-jackets. Thank you knitters!
Lots of warm blankets for Syria, the refugees on the Greek Island of Lesbos, and Moldova. We also sent yarn to Moldova so women can set up a knitting business. 

What we need

We need: 
– Adult jumpers, hats and scarves for men and women
– Socks or bed-socks 
– Medium and large blankets -please keep them cheerful colours
– Bed jackets for care homes
– Shawls
– Matinee jackets, birth to one year
– Children clothes from 1 – 14 years
– Toys (coming up to Christmas)
– Twiddlemuffs

We don’t need:
– Small blankets (the smallest size needed is 80 x 100cm or 31 x 39 inches)
– Baby hats
– Premature baby items, we have lots!

School jumpers for Rwanda

Our very first Knit for Peace group was formed in Rwanda to give war widows, left destitute after the massacres, a chance to earn an income.The Group is still going, but need more sales. Their best seller, school cardigans, for which they charge £2.17 are much needed. The jumpers are then distributed to poor children. The demand is there, but the money isn’t.Can you afford a jumper to keep a child warm and help women make a living?

Jumpers for Rwanda

Knit a Community

Our “Knit a Community” in Israel, which brings together people from all backgrounds and religions, breaking down prejudice, had their second assembly. It was very inclusive. The 200 attendees came from over 60 authorities, Jewish, Muslims, Druzes and Christians all mixed in together.  And a group of deaf people came with their signer.

Help knit a community

Knit of the Day

Here is a selection of some of our Knit of the Day we share everyday on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages. Thank you!

Thank you to our friends at Make Joy (the successor of Yarnporium) who raised £400 at their event at Baden Powell House, and collected donated knitting for us. Really appreciated!