February Newsletter 2022


Let’s Get Britain Knitting (and crocheting) Knitting is good for mental and physical well-being and is a skill that, learnt when young, can last into old age. It used to be taught in schools, or by your granny, aunt or mother before you got to school! Throughout the year we want to give people the opportunity to learn to knit and crochet. We want to use knitting to bring people…

A picture of two twiddlemuffs taken on a white background.

December Newsletter 2021


Cheerful news! In these difficult times, it’s good to be able to be the bringer of Good News. Thank you to all those who have responded to our appeal for knitting kits for newly arrived Afghan refugees. We’ve had lovely feedback from the groups receiving them: “they were delighted with the lovely wool and immediately took crochet hooks and started making gloves!” Twiddlemuffs for ambulance services The London Ambulance Service…

November Newsletter 2021


Perfect Christmas Gifts Knit for Peace Gift Packs – £32 (includes P&P) A perfect present for knitting friends or yourself. Crammed with a varied selection of usual and unusual yarns. (Photo shows the content of a random pack to give a true representation of what you might get.) Sponsor a sack – £12 We are still sending out lots of knitting. Why not sponsor a sack in memory of a…

A picture taken from above of a variety of the potential prize you could receive in the Knit for Peace Lucky Dip: yarn, knitting supplies, embroidery kits and other crafting materials.

October Newsletter 2021


Important message Do not send any knitting to us at Radius Works until further notice. People are unable to collect, because of fear of using up their petrol, and delivery companies lack capacity. We currently have enough stock to fulfil requests. Deliver your knitting locally. If you could deliver your knitting locally it would save you money and reduce the environmental impact (not to mention save scarce delivery resources). We…