Important message

Do not send any knitting to us at Radius Works until further notice. People are unable to collect, because of fear of using up their petrol, and delivery companies lack capacity. We currently have enough stock to fulfil requests.

Deliver your knitting locally. If you could deliver your knitting locally it would save you money and reduce the environmental impact (not to mention save scarce delivery resources).

We are compiling a list of charities which need knitting, and hope to have this up on our website shortly. You can help to make the list as comprehensive as possible by emailing us if you know of places accepting knitting in your local area.

Always check with the charity before delivering, in case the situation has changed. Sorry, we do not have the resources to contact these charities on behalf of individual groups/knitters.

Knit for Peace Holidays

We pride ourselves on the friendly, warm atmosphere of our holidays.

Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden
13th-17th December 2021
Tutor: Jane Crowfoot
Full details & booking form

Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford
5th-8th January 2022
Tutors: Debbie Bliss & Merion Willis
Full details & booking form

If the holidays have to be cancelled due to covid restrictions (e.g. in the event of a lockdown), you will be able to choose a refund or a credit note for future Knit for Peace holidays.

The Green Hotel is re-opening

Welcome news for those who have enjoyed Knit for Peace holidays at the Green Hotel, Mysore, India.

Fun-lover’s Lucky Dip

This month instead of a raffle, we have organised a lucky dip in aid of our Get Britain Knitting campaign, to encourage knitting/crocheting in schools. Our Lucky Dip is full of presents for you to keep or give. Great value at £12 a go (+£2.99 P&P).

Enter here – £14.99

A picture taken from above of a variety of the potential prize you could receive in the Knit for Peace Lucky Dip: yarn, knitting supplies, embroidery kits and other crafting materials.
Everyone’s a winner!

Click through to see the full list of prizes you could win.

Knit for Peace Christmas cards

A rectangular Christmas card of a pair of knitting needles on a white background. Around the knitting needles is laid out green yarn in the shape of a Christmas tree, with a ball of red yarn at the bottom and a yellow knitted star at the top.

We have a variety of knitting-themed Christmas and greetings cards on offer, so you can spread some knitterly cheer this holiday season. See the full range here.

A collage of 3 rectangular Christmas cards in a row, all support the charity Knit for Peace.

A bundle of yarn, needles and haberdashery items for refugees

Knitting kits for Afghan refugees

Sponsor a knitting kit for a refugee arriving in the UK and send a welcoming message.

Sponsor a knitting kit – £25

A picture of lots of balls and hanks of yarn laid out on a table.

Knit for Peace Gift Packs

Crammed with a varied selection of usual and unusual yarns. A perfect present! (Photo shows the content of a random pack to give a true representation of what you might get.)

Knit for Peace Gift Packs – £32 (includes P&P)


In September (before the fuel crisis hit) we managed to send out over 200 sacks of knitting to people in need. Here’s some of the messages of thanks that we have received:

“Such a very generous donation and I can assure you that every single item will be well received by the recipients. Please thank all your wonderful knitters for the time & love they have put into knitting these lovely garments.” A church in London providing support to Afghan refugees

A picture from above of a knitted blanket on an elderly person's lap. Their hands are visible on top of the blanket.

“We could not believe how beautiful the blankets were. All our residents could choose a blanket, shawl or a muff. They were commenting on the quality of the knitting and reminiscence of garments they had knitted for their families and friends.” A care home in Enfield

“On behalf of all residents and staff, I would like to thank you for your kind donation, it was greatly appreciated by all of the men we support. We simply could not do it without the generosity and support of people like you.” A homeless outreach project in Newcastle

Knit of the Day

We are always impressed by the skill of our knitters/crocheters, which is why we love to showcase some of the amazing creations we get sent on our social media. Thank you to Liz, Carol, Monica and St James’ Church for donating these items.