noro sock wool and pattern book

May Newsletter 2022


Knit for Peace Holidays Register your interest for 2 Knit for Peace holidays in India, in Jaipur and Mysore.  Provisional dates are October (Jaipur) and January (Mysore)… fit in with the good weather. Knit for Peace holidays are known for their friendly, relaxed atmosphere We have 2 exciting new Raffles Noro sock yarn – Imagine!! This month we’re offering you two raffles so you have double the choice, or simply try…

April Newsletter 2022


Practical Help for those in need You don’t need to be told how serious the hike in gas and electric bills will be, or how many poor families, older people and children will suffer. According to Money Savings Expert Martin Lewis for the average household energy bills will rise by about £700 this year, pushing an estimated 2 in 5 households into fuel poverty.  Please help if you can. Knit to…

16 balls of Wool and the Gang yarn, and two pairs of knitting needles photographed from above.

March Newsletter 2022


Wool and the Gang Raffle This month we’re offering you two chances to win an amazing selection of Wool and the Gang Yarns. Enter for £15 First prize: 16 x 200g Crazy Sexy Wool (100% Peruvian sheep’s wool) 1 x 12mm needles 1 x 15mm needles Second prize: 6 x 50g Feeling Good Yarn (70% Alpaca, 7% Merino, 23% Nylon) Free Patterns If you’re in need of patterns, Lovecrafts has…

February Newsletter 2022


Let’s Get Britain Knitting (and crocheting) Knitting is good for mental and physical well-being and is a skill that, learnt when young, can last into old age. It used to be taught in schools, or by your granny, aunt or mother before you got to school! Throughout the year we want to give people the opportunity to learn to knit and crochet. We want to use knitting to bring people…